- MARATHI VAIBHAV radio program was launched in March, 2009 (Gudhi Padwa) on the radio station "Dhoom FM" (now out of business).

- The signature tune of Marathi Vaibhav was written by Ravi Gadgil (NJ, USA) and the music was composed by late Kishore Ranade (Philadelphia, USA).

- Although, Marathi Vaibhav, can be heard worldwide, it is broadcast from New Jersey, USA.

- Since 2012, Marathi Vaibhav is broadcast on Radio Dil. An Internet Radio Station. 

- It was conceived as a theme based Marathi Songs program (old and new songs): Songs with Commentary.

- Apart from songs, it also presents talks on Yoga, Food & Nutrition, Indian Scriptures and Interviews with Guests on varied topics.

- It also has announcements about "Community Events" in New Jersey, USA.


Marathi Vaibhav Hostess: Snehal (Radio Jockey)


Marathi Vaibhav Technology Support: Pradeep