(1) The Great American Road Trip: An Interview with Shaila and Ashok Vidwans by Snehal to discuss their car trip across US. 
(2) Pandharichi Wari : Interview with Rajeshree Kulkarni and Chitra Bhave by Snehal to discuss their Pandharpur Yatra

(3) माझ्या ऑफिसचे महाभारत : भाग-१: A comedy on Office Politics by Dr Manik Kher (Social Scientist).
     If you have comments about this comedy, you can write to marathivaibhav@gmail.com and/or manikkher@gmail.com
(4) An interview with a renowned Ayurvedic Doctor (Dr Ghanashyam Marda from Pune, India). Broadcast on Sat/Sun October 19/20, 2019
(5) An interview about Maharashtra Foundation work in 2019 (Shaila Vidwans, Rekha Musale, Manjusha Naik). Broadcast on Sat/Sun, November 16/17, 2019